Friday, 7 November 2014


Picture: Eyewitness News
10 police officers in Parow, Cape Town, were arrested for allegedly taking bribes from suspects and stealing crime scene exhibits! This might not come as a shock to many South Africans because it has become a norm in our society.

We see corruption from our policing official and our traffic officials in almost a daily basis yet nothing is being done about it. We even interact with the corruption from our officials and society accepts it as a norm.

It is a known fact that a large number of drivers on our roads did not acquire their licences through the proper channels. Many of them were "bought" through our corrupt traffic officials. Further more, we all know that many South Africans opt to bribe our traffic officials rather than receive a ticket when they are suppose to be fined for one.

The level of police brutality, officials taking exhibits for themselves, police files and dockets missing, police favoring criminals  (and even alerting them before hand of police raids), policemen drinking alcohol while on duty, are all just a drop in the ocean in terms of flaws in our justice system.

If many policemen are they themselves criminals, who is suppose to curb the appallingly high level of crime in South Africa?

What is really scary is that these policemen would rather focus their attention on petty crimes than go after the real "hardcore" criminals.

Picture: Eyewitness News
We are also to blame as the South African community because it is our citizens who bribe these officials and contribute to these officials being criminals. "Turning a blind eye" is another huge mistake we, as the South African community, tend to do, because in truth, we are the ones who know the drug dealers in our community. We know and live among wanted criminals yet we fail to report them.

If we accept the situation as it is right now, we must know that we are building an even worse nation for the next generation in terms of crime and corruption.

If we don't do something about the appalling state our justice system is in, then complaining shouldn't be an option when crime affects our children and families or when they themselves become criminals.

Mzantsi Logic!

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